Bullet Bit

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The Bullet Bit isn't a bullet, it's a sleek, compact bit driver with a high fidget factor!

The Bullet Bit features 3 neodymium magnets to keep everything together. When in use, the bullet cap magnetically attaches to the back!  Perfect for adjusting ski boots on the slope, that battery cover, camping or anywhere you need a little torque and a twist.

The Bullet Bit is easy to carry and comfortably fits in a front pocket. A great piece of EDC that's easy to carry! Ships with a 1" #2 Phillips bit. Any 1" bit will fit!

To use, simply pull and twist the bullet off for bit driver mode!

Machined from Aluminum, Copper, Titanium or Brass for 4 casing metal options:

  • Aluminum Casing/Aluminum Bullet
  • Aluminum Casing/Copper Bullet
  • Brass Casing/Copper Bullet
  • Copper Casing/Copper Bullet
  • Titanium Casing/Copper Bullet (Titanium version ships mid-December 2022)

Made in U.S.A. and ships from Minneapolis, MN.  Lifetime warranty.

  • Barrel Diameter - ~.617” 
  • Length - ~2.068” 
  • Weight:
    Aluminum Casing/Aluminum Bullet- 1.0 oz.
    Aluminum Casing/Copper Bullet- 1.3 oz.
    Brass Casing/Copper Bullet- 2.4 oz.
    Copper Casing/Copper Bullet- 2.4 oz.