MagBolt Springless Pen - Uses Repelling Magnets, No Spring!

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The MagBolt is a unique Bolt-Action pen that uses the smooth repelling force of two magnets along the axial direction of the bolt action. This eliminates the need for a spring that is typically found in retractable writing instruments. Machined from a solid metal bar.

The 'MagBolt' ships ready to write and includes a Hex Key Allen Wrench for desired refill length adjustment and a Schmidt 9000 M ink refill! 
The MagBolt pen features an aluminum barrel with Copper, Brass or  Aluminum accent options.

Made in and ships from Minneapolis, MN.  Lifetime warranty.

  • Ships with Schmidt 9000 M ink refill
  • Ships with Hex Key Allen Wrench for desired refill length adjustment
  • Length Extended: 5.63"
  • Length Retracted: 5.83"
  • Barrel Diameter: .496"
  • Weight with Aluminum Accent: 1.3 oz.
  • Weight with Brass Accent: 1.6 oz.
  • Weight with Copper Accent: 1.8 oz.