Our Story

We Innovate, design, machine and build in Minneapolis, MN (yep, it gets freaking' cold here).
We're always trying to think outside the box when designing our gear.

Among the bigger pieces of equipment we have, are a Haas CNC CL-1 lathe and a Haas SMM2 VMC machine, a Tormach CNC Slant 15L lathe and the machine that started it all in my basement, a Grizzly G0752 benchtop manual lathe.  I also have a 50w laser engraver and I CAD/CAM with Autodesk Fusion 360. 

Bobby Davis is the head bottle washer and here's a brief bio: Machinist (lathe, mill, grinder with tolerances to the millionths, CNC and CNC programming), then University of Minnesota, then years as a software developer (Unix, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Lotus Formula & Lotus script, Certified Microsoft Professional, Certified Lotus Professional, Oracle DB, then CAD designer, then back to Machinist/Maker.  Kind of a full circle for him :)