Mini-Bolt Pen

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The Mini-Bolt Pen.  An Ultra Compact Bolt-Action Pen with a pocket clip.  Cleverly designed to be the smallest full bolt action pen in the world at only 3" long.  Perfect pocket carry for when you need to sign that form or make quick note.
Barrel Available in Aluminum, Brass, Copper and limited Bronze, VERY limited Titanium.  

Barrel metal available in:

Bolt metal available in:

Ships ready to write with a German made Schmidt 635 D1 refills.

  •  Barrel Diameter - .435” (76mm) 
  •  Length - 3” (11mm) 
  •  Aluminum Barrel Version - 0.6 oz. (.017kg) 
  •  Brass Barrel Version - 1.0 oz. (.028kg) 
  •  Bronze Barrel Version - 1.0 oz. (.028kg) 
  •  Copper Barrel Version - 1.0 oz. (.028kg) 
  •  Titanium Barrel Version - 0.9 oz. (.025kg) 
  •  Tungsten Ball Schmidt 635 D1 ink refill   
  • Beautifully engineered and made in Minneapolis, Minnesota.