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SpikeBar SpikeBar SpikeBar SpikeBar

Spike + Bar

-Ti Case/Ti Spike $105
-Aluminum Case/Ti Spike $60
-Copper Case/Ti Spike $75
-Color Ano Ti Case/Ti Spike $105
-Brass Case/Ti Spike $65

No more pocket pokes from a keychain spike because the 'Spike + Bar' "sharp" end, stores inside the case...and the case becomes the handle!

A great tool with tons of uses, including opening stubborn packages, marking wood or metal, punching holes, chipping ice or even use it as a Plumb-Bob! When you need the 'Spike + Bar' simply reverse and screw the Spike, into the handle.

  • Grade 5 Titanium Spikes
  • Ships with Keyring
  • 5/8" diameter, 2.7" long when stored and 3.25" in the 'Spike' configuration
  • Weighs less then 2 oz.
  • Made in Minneapolis, MN