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Mini-Button Pusher
$39 (SOLD OUT)

-Mini-Button Pusher $39
(Solid Copper)

Never touch a virus and germ covered button! The compact (only 2" long) ‘Mini-Button Pusher’ is made from 99.99% pure Copper and is machined from an EPA registered antimicrobial copper alloy.

Copper has inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively quick and efficiently, often within two hours or even on contact.

When you can't find soap and water, use it as you would a bar of soap – wiping the hands, between fingers and the back of the hands thoroughly for about 60 seconds!

Not only does it fit great on a keychain, pocket or purse, it makes a great fidget bar!

Specifications - Mini-Button Pusher
  • Length: 2.1"
  • Diameter: ~.430"
  • Weight: ~1.6 oz.
  • Includes keyring
  • Made in Minneapolis, Minnesota